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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

IDC STAFF Instructor Course

Who should take this course?
Just as scuba divers look up to Divemasters, instructor candidates really respect IDC Staff Instructors. As the name implies, IDC Staff Instructors assist with instructor training and share their wisdom and experience with new PADI leaders. Taking the IDC Staff Instructor course provides you with in-depth knowledge of the instructor development process and prepares you to shape the next generation of PADI Professionals. It’s also a great career move.
Master Scuba Diver Trainers (MSDTs) who are ready to be excellent role models and agree to use the PADI System and components in their entirety may enroll in an IDC Staff Instructor course.
What will you learn?
After a preassessment of your instructor-level knowledge of dive theory, exemplary dive skills and role-model presentation techniques, you’ll participate in these sessions:
  • Instructor development standards, procedures and curriculum
  • How to organize and conduct the PADI Assistant Instructor course
  • The psychology of evaluation and counseling
  • Evaluating knowledge development, confined water and open water teaching presentations
Plus, you’ll get to audit an IDC or practice teaching many curriculum components.
As an IDC Staff Instructor, you can independently teach PADI Assistant Instructor courses as well as assist with IDCs and other instructor-level continuing education courses.

IDC Staff Instructor Duties

Teaching status, updated IDC Staff Instructors are authorized to staff instructor
development programs and teach PADI Assistant Instructor courses. They work closely
with PADI Course Directors to develop instructor candidates teaching abilities as well
as shape their attitudes as dive professionals. As with PADI CDs, IDC Staff Instructors
also are role models with regard to diver training and professionalism, and are
responsible members of the dive community.
 IDC Staff Instructors counsel instructor candidates on improving skills and developing effective teaching presentations. As such, IDC Staff have a strong working knowledge of current PADI standards, programs and procedures. IDC Staff Instructors are influential in instructor candidate development and conduct.

Training and Certification

The IDC Staff Instructor course is conducted in conjunction with an IDC and includes
auditing an entire IDC or presenting all Assistant Instructor course components. IDC
Staff Instructor candidates learn how to evaluate knowledge development, confined
water and open water teaching presentations, as well as develop familiarity with the
IDC curriculum.
When the CD verifies that all performance requirements are met, candidates apply
for PADI IDC Staff Instructor certification by submitting a completed IDC Staff
Instructor Application to their PADI Office.

*Note: IDC Staff Instructors certified before January 2001 upgrade their knowledge and skills before
teaching PADI Assistant Instructor courses or staffing instructor development programs by either 
attending an IDC Staff Upgrade or by auditing a complete PADI IDC Staff Instructor course

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

TIP: Pre-study for PADI IDC

One of the misconception about an Instructor Development Course is regarding Dive Theory.

During the IDC we DO NOT teach again dive theory, instead we will go over a complete REVIEW of all 5 topics (Physics, Physiology, Dive Equipment, RDP & Decompression Theory and Enviromnent & Techniques) in order you reach the level expected for a future instructor and to PASS the PADI I.E.

So, it's really a MUST you start EARLY your studies and review DIVE THEORY well in advance prior you come over to attend the IDC.  I strongly recommend:

- Dive Theory online (I can help you purchasing it )
- Study thoroughly and answer all the questions of DIVING KNOWLEDGE WORKBOOK combined with the Enciclopedia of Recreational Diving.
- Go over the OLD Divemaster (prior 2010) Exams questions regarding Physics, Physiology, Dive Equipment, RDP & Decompression Theory and Enviromnent & Techniques.

If you plan to make your IDC with us, i can mentor you online by skype sessions and send you some mock exams in order you prepare yourself to succeed !

Hope to see you sonn in one of our PADI IDC / MSDT Preparation!!!

Leo Saldunbides 
PADI  Course Director # 184808
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DSAT - Tec Deep Instructor / Tec Sidemount Instructor

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