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Sunday, April 29, 2018

How Fast are Corals Dying?

How Fast are Corals Dying?

Chasing coral is a recently released Netflix documentary about the rate that coral reefs are vanishing around the world. 


Watch Chasing coral now!
It's undeniable, our life depends on the oceans. From the air we breathe to the temperature around us, life below the surface makes it all possible. We are polluting our oceans, stressing marine life and influencing the ecosystem at an alarming speed. This all might seem a bit vague, hard to visualize, even if you are a SCUBA diver, snorkeler or ocean lover.
How bad is it really? Watch Chasing Coral by Jeff Orlowski and see the change with your own eyes on Netflix. It is a beautiful documentary with hearth-breaking visual evidence we no longer can deny. Watch and learn, be inspired to act and spread the word! We need the oceans and we are the only ones that can help the reefs survive. Everyone CAN make a difference!