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Monday, February 22, 2016

How to study efficiently to PADI IDC / I.E.

Hi Guys!

 I really hope you are fine and doing well. 

It s time to start your studies well in advance if you are intending to attend the PADI IDC / I.E. within the next 6 to 12 months! 
 I am pretty sure you have build a solid base of Knowledge during your Divemaster Course, but maybe i are a bit "rusty" because you haven't been studying very often, or simply you want to be more efficient on your studies and avoid wasting so much time reading so many things that will not be 'targeted" during the IDC and Instructor Examination. To do so, i do recommend you study by my IDC SUMMARY, WHICH I CAN SEND YOU along with some I.E. like DIVE THEORY / GSP exams for FREE of cost by e-mail, in order you can customize your studies and avoid wasting time. 

Studying exactly what you will find of utmost importance during the exams on the PADI IDC / PADI Instructor Examination. 

 Follow these tips and advises below to boost your studies, in order to refresh your Diving Knowledge for your IDC / I.E.: 

  DIVE THEORY exams: Try to do as many questions by yourselves, but in case you don t know, LOOK for the answer on the IDC SUMMARY i can provide you. This is a great way to cement the subject in your heads. Another tips could be: - Get and answer (or re answer) the OLD PADI Divemaster (prior 2010) exams - topics: PHYSICS, PHYSIOLOGY, EQUIPMENT, SKILLS & ENVIRONMENT, DECOMPRESSION THEORY & RDP. - Answer the questions of the topics described above on the DIVING KNOWLEDGE WORKBOOK along with your ENCICLOPEDIA of RECREATIONAL DIVING. Check all answers and the provided comments. 

  General Standards and Procedures exam: use you PADI INSTRUCTOR MANUAL to search for the answers. Most of the anwers you will find in General Standards & Procedures Guide OR the  Instructor Guide of the specific course. On this 1st phase, take your time, relax and try to find as many answers as you can. And of course, you'll go over again and again during the IDC. 

 In addiction, i STRONGLY RECOMMEND you watch again the 24 DIVE SKILLS of the PADI OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE and read again some chapters of your PADI manuals below: 

  * ADVANCED OW: - Navigation (compass navigation is really important!) - Search and Recovery (especially regarding the use of LIFT BAG and the 3 most important KNOTS = bowl line / 2 half hictches / sheet bend); 

  ** RESCUE DIVER: this one i recommend also you watch again if possible the skills below on video: - Panicked Diver on the surface (2 approach methods - SURFACE & UNDERWATER) - Tired Diver on the surface - EX. 7 - UNCONSCIOUS DIVER ON THE SURFACE ( VERY IMPORTANT ONE!) 

 Probably you ll have some doubts and / or question, so please let me know and i can check it and send you a feedback asap. 

 I also ask you to take note of my skype and add me on Whatsapp (+238 953-2154) in order we are able to communicate during this phase of your preparation.
 I wish you a good study phase and hope to see you in the near future during our IDCs in 2016. 

 Kind Regards. 

Leo Saldunbides PADI Course Director # 184808 
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